Sainkho & Garlo : Go to Tuva

Go to Tuva"A mix of rock, world & Sainkho Namtchylak universe. Ethno Rock ? "
"Music is free, mutante & cool, attaching & strong, ecological & humanist experimental joyfull mood.
Between reggae from the steppe & ecological funk"
Yves Blanc / La Planète Bleue N°784 sept 7th 2013

Sainkho Namtchylak was born in Tuva, a small republic in the North of Mongolia, wellknown for its diphonic singers. Sainkho have made more than 30 cds , mainly in jazz & world, and she made concerts on every continents.
A no synth album with :
Bubu Boirie : Violin, Sanshin
Fred Girard : Drums, Percus
Garlo : Bass, Percs, Géo-acoustics, Guitars
Sainkho Namtchylak : Voices
Cd was 8th in the World Music Chart Europe in jan 2014

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1. Place I am Born
2. I Walk
3. Ider Inek Internet ... Ider Inek Internet Clip
4. In the center of Asia
5. Blue Corn ... Nanalive live / Sayan Ring Festival Siberia.
6. Plastic ... PlasticClip
7. Karmaland (Tuva link version)
8. Nostalgy Tyva
9. Erge Chokka (Tuva link version)
10. The Friend I met

Durée : 53'50"

© 2013 BP12
Production BP12 réf BP12 1312
Production & recording : Garlo
Mix : J Luc Roudière
Studio BP12

"At the very end of 2013 has arrived one of the most interesting cd's of the year, and not only, if not the most. Great stuff."
Giorgos Markakis Radio FM100 Thessaloniki.

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