Garlo x Bassling , Emmanuelle Vauquet , Hans Van Even , Joël Couttausse : Vent de Guitares 2014

Vent de Guitares 2014Vent de Guitares 2014 (guitar’s wind) is an extension of a 20 years old geo acoustic work , with songs dedicated to the wind, guitars played by the wind, and guests-participating to

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1. Windy World vent de guitares 2014 no Clip
2. Take a look / Emmanuelle Vauquet
3. Force ...
4. Sur la Dune
5. Kamikaze / Joël Couttausse
6. Subete no Kaze Ni remix
7. Winds in my Head
8. Eole / Emmanuelle Vauquet
9. Zephyr s Blow / Hans Van Even VENT DE GUITARES 2014 Clip
10. Vent de Guitares 31
11. Vent de Guitares 19
12. Vent de Guitares Together / Garlo & Participants
13. Vent de Guitares + Pongrass Bros / Bassling
14. Vent de Guitares

Durée : 74'31"

© 2014 BP12
Production BP12 réf BP12 142

Vent de Guitares 2014 is a cd :
Extract of the musical creation
With rythms & songs dedicated to the wind.
With harmonic drones & soundscapes made by instruments played by the wind.

« Since 20 years, I regularly record instruments played by the wind.
I have redigitalised these tapes recorded in France, Japan & USA.
I made new instrumentals & songs from chords played by the wind.
Musicians & non-musicians were invited to record an instrument played by the wind on, & I have added some of these recordings.
Some guests, writers / singers & musicians came & …. The cd Ventde Guitares 2014 is there. »

YOU can participate to vent de guitares adventures :
Listen to the cd and after the 15th of June go on the website and make your own mix ( of the cd ‘s music & others ) with our dual tracks player … one fader for the instruments played by the wind volume & a second one for rythm or song volume…
Touch & make your own mix.
If you want to go further, record an instrument played by the wind and become part & member of
1994 : 54 guitars played by the wind on the highest sand dune in Europe … that’s Vent de Guitares, a geo acoustic creation as well as land art & a world premiere.

2014 : for the 20th anniversary we decided ( the original guitar’s wind team ) to make a participativ creation with today’s tools with everybody, and everywhere on earth … the 1st world wide geo acoustic creation.
Find a windy place, make a video while recording an instrument played by the wind, & send us your video.
People will watch & listen to your video on our google map. After the 15th of June you can be part of musical creations that will be on line.


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