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Dance with 54 guitars played by the wind"/garlo... VENT DE GUITARES

Roughly spheric, the Earth has an atmosphere, and rotates on its axis. In the amosphere, differences of temperature, density, and air-pressure create various air currents. The movements of the atmosphere air masses, associated with the Earth's rotation create a complex phenomenon : the wind.

The air propagates the sounds. It can also create them.
Take a guitar, orientate it correctly during a stiff breeze : the air -touch on the strings causes them to vibrate. Its because of the discovery and the desire to exploit artistically these related phenomena that the first geo-acoustic creation was born : Vent de Guitares.

After Vent de Guitares, the geo-acoustic concept was developed due to the simple fact that : There is wind everywhere on our earth.

Each geo acoustic creation is unique, it means new confrontations with various winds, it also means meetings with other cultures, other artists and musicians. Far from World Music it's a different way to look for a new universal music that I call Earth Music.



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