Interactivité / Multidiffusion

I v stopped Cipaudio company in 2010. If you want some infos you can contact Fabrice Moinet he is the boss for that :

Here at cipaudio We love new digital tools In 2004 we organised in Bordeaux the 1st meeting on « Interaction & Multidiffusion ».

We want people know about these techniques and our savoir faire.

Here a small resume :

DVD Samples

Just to remember that we can work on dvd masters for a 5+1 sources diffusion.
Ex : exhibitions...


Demo of a drums mix in stereo and then in 6 differents points. We can ad special room effects in 6 points on a stereo basis.
Ex : Shows, concerts, exhibitions, DVD mastering ...


From a single computer, we can send different asynchrons informations on different loud speakers (64 chanels). The listener can choose what he wants to listen to.
Ex : In museums or during exhibitions, you can choose to listen to just the music or just the voice, or music plus the voice in plenty of languages.

Spatialisation in real time

With your finger on a control deck, you put the sound where you want in the room.
Easier & more efficient than with a joystick ( you can tap with different fingers)
Ex : Live spatialisation during a show ...

Infra red captation

Demonstration : When the box is closed, there is no sound, when you open it, you listen to the music.
Ex : ? a musical box of the XXIst.

Captation on the human body

Demonstration / When Fabrice tied his arms, the music is gettin slower.
When he put his arms in the back, music get back.
When he taped with his foot, music accelerate till its in real time…
Ex : During a show the artist modify the sound in real time with his body.

Other captation

Demo / A rythm play alone, Fabrice hold the guitars sound in his hands, if he throw the guitars in the air … there is no more guitars …
Try to explain but everybody was really surprised.
Ex : During a show the artist modify the sound in real time with his hands.

A green sound … and a red one …

Demo / When you move a green object in the space, you modify a sound. Louder when you move high, low frequencies when you move on your left … Same with a red object.
Ex : ?? Make sound & music by moving in the space.


Thanks to musicians who came for show cases with 6+1 loud speakers :
Erik Baron / Bass solo
Virax & Ledoux / Basses
Laurent Dailleau / Theremin.

Sound creations

Christina Clar was presenting :
"Turning dreams & Shifting Harbors" originaly released in Los Angeles in 2003. Hundreds of sounds & interviews extracts from USA migrants moving in the space on 8 loud speakers.

Garlo was presenting:
"By not forgetting your other senses" – a dvd installation trying to reconciliate the sight & the Ear.

- An extract from "the Whispering Water Wall".
A Central loud speaker made of 6 loud speakers simulate a rotating sound and deliver friendly words in different languages. Garlo & Patrick Marty were laureate with this creation of the Panchiao international competition in 2000 in Taipei.

For all questions concerning multidiffusion, spatialisation and captors please don't hesit to contact us :
Cipaudio 05 56 98 98 58
E-Mail :


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