Garlo X Bassling, Emmanuelle Vauquet, Hans Van Even, Joël Couttausse /
Vent de Guitares 2014

Vent de Guitares 2014


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Hans Van Even / Stardust Requiem

Hans Van Even Stardust REquiemTo be released on March 21st. you can Preorder now.


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Sainkho & Garlo / Go to Tuva

GARLO : Earth Link Livewith Sainkho Namtchylak, Garlo, Fred Girard & Bubu Boirie.


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garlo / dvd Road-movie 26' Go to Tuva

Sainkho & GarloHome made copy dvd w english & french versions.


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garlo / Carnet de route Go to Tuva

Sainkho & GarloCarnet de route texts & pics 31p French only


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T shirt Go to Tuva

Sainkho & Garlo


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Garlo : People 2013


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Earth Link : All they Want op2

All They Want op2

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Earth Link : USO


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ALAN VICTOR and the VICTIMS : 1982


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Garlo : 99 Haïkus

GARLO : 99haikus99 Haïkus with music / in french & japanese.


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garlo / Go to Tuva pictures

Sainkho & GarloPictures book 20 pages 25 X 21cm available at



Sainkho & garlo / "Ider Inek Internet"

Sainkho & GarloSainkho & Garlo first single
downlable on many platforms like:



GARLO : Earth Link LiveDvd 77’ + 20’ de bonus.
Performance musicale en multi-diffusion 5+1.

Earth Link avec Bub Boirie / Fred Girard / Denis Durand / Hans Van Even et garlo.


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Bernard Manciet et garlo : Wharf

GARLO : Earth Link Poetry. a book & a cd .
More infos Daqui

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la planète bleue vol 4 / Yves Blanc

la planete bleue A world tour of innovative music.

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In CAccording to the legend, Terry Riley set down on paper within a few hours the 53 patterns that compose the one-page score of In C, on a spring night of 1964. To order at Muséa

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GARLO : Earth Link

GARLO : Earth LinkThis is Earth Music with native american.
A cross over between Native American Music and contemporary European rock.


GARLO : Earth Link and Carnet de route

GARLO : Earth Link et Carnet de routeThe cd " This is Earth Music with native american " AND
the french book " Road diary in Arizona, Navajo land … "


FERNANDO CELLICION & GARLO: Zuni Pueblo Halona Idi Wana

FERNANDO CELLICION ET GARLO: Zuni Pueblo Halona Idi WanaTraditional Native American solo flute for the XXIst century.


DESACORDES : Cordeyades

DESACORDES : CordeyadesA rock philarmonic orchestra of 19 electrical guitars & basses.




GARLO : Coup de sang

GARLO : Coup de sangThe french big beat album. A nervous mix between rock and techno, ethno and electric, acoustic and electro, live and studio stuff; Music with political english, japanese and french words. extract : "PRIME TIME IS CRIME TIME..."



MICROFILMURES : PrésenteThe French Residents


GARLO : Kazé

GARLO : KazéA rock and japanese version of Vent de Guitares first geo acoustic creation. A mix of occidental rock with Japanese traditionnal music and 35 guitars played by the wind.


LEKUK : La recup'

LEKUK : La recup'A Double Album (one CD Electrique, one CD Acoustique).


GARLO : Because mots notes

GARLO : Because mots notesFrench, American and Scottish writers & poets read their texts, after that I ad the music on their voices- mainly rythmical things.



M.GADOU/CHAZAM : VivantsDuring 3 days, Chazam & Monsieur GAdou, Champions d'Europe recorded in 20 different places, chozen for the quality of their own sounds, so Chazam & Monsieur GAdou played with a baker shop, a highway, a zoo, a children school, a water tower, and more.


CHAZAM : Des accès de l'homme

GARLO : Des accès de l'homme21 songs made by the hyperactif Chazam for different theaters


RIKE : C'est pour toi que je fais ça

CNAC: C'est pour toi que je fais çaSoundtrack of the 9th show of the French national circus school; a mix of original songs from Riké ( Métalovoice ) with sounds of this modern circus show.


GARLO : Tribal Scandal

GARLO : Tribal ScandalTribal scandal is no word music with guitars,fuzz, aboriginal rythms, tibetan voices,steel girders, bass and so many more things.


GARLO : Vent de Guitares

GARLO : Vent de Guitares 54 guitars placed on the summit of the highest sand dune in Europe. The magical song of hundreds of strings vibrating only under the wind's touch. Experimental, ambient, geo-acoustic creation; premiere mondiale.


GARLO : Yak'Yak

GARLO : Yak'YakFrench rock with ethnical influences.


GERARD HELLO : Short Stories

GERARD HELLO : Short StoriesThe acoustic notebook of a wandering guitarist; from a suspension bridge to the window of an apartment in Isatnbul, inside a wine vat or while testing jet reactors, a series of impressionist improvisations interact with each sound environment.





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